Commission Free House Sale

Commission Free House Sale can help save thousands of dollar in the process. Real estate agents charge 3% to 5% on the property sale. You can save on this amount if you go through the sale by owner (FSBO) process. This is the best way to sell your property for a good price. It is very simple to sell a house without the help of a realtor, if you follow some guidelines. Fix a realistic price on your property. There are number of website that offers evaluation of your property. You can get different quotes from various evaluators before fixing a price. Never over estimate nor underestimate your property. You can check for recent property sales in your locality to come to a conclusion on your house price.

The price should be more than the estimated market value. You can easily check this, if you know the assessed taxes of all the recent neighbourhood sales. Compare this tax amount and you can zero in on the right price for your property. Hire an inspector to point out the negative aspects of your house. The inspector can help to locate the problems in your house, and then all you need is to work out ways and means to fix the problem. A prospective buyer also does the same thing; therefore it is best to do this yourself to give your property a better chance of a sale. The exteriors of the house should be equally pleasant as the interiors. There is every chance that the prospective buyer may drive down your street and find it impressive if the exteriors are neat and attractive.

Mow your lawns and keep the place tidy. Give a fresh coat of paint to make the house look new and appealing. Do not forget your basement and storage area. This also appeals to the buyer. Commission Free House Sale websites are in abundance. Websites are the best means to market your property. There are free as well as paid websites that can do the work for you. Place an advertisement with a recent photograph of your house in an attractive position; this can win a sale for you. Try flyers and advertisement in a local newspaper to spread the word of sale. Do not forget to tell your neighbours and friends; the more the word spreads the easier it is for the sale to end.

Once the deal is done, it is advised to consult a lawyer to finalize the deal and draw up the contract. There is no harm in spending some money in the process. This way you can save on any litigation in the future. Professional help is must; therefore do not try to save money on hiring a legal hand. The money spend is definitely worth the trouble at a later stage. Commission free house sale can surely help save money in the process; these savings can be passed on to the buyer to quicken the house sale.

Posted on Monday, July 20, 2009 by Paul

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