Selling House -A Stressful Situation

Sell my house is one of the most stressful situations. It can be one of the most unforgettable and unrewarding experience of life. Building a home is so difficult and after so many hardships, finally you build a house. An emotional attachment is developed and later on when a situation like ‘sell my house’ comes, it becomes very difficult to sustain. At times it could lead to frustration also.

Property is always an asset

It is important to note that owning a property is always an asset. May be today, the real estate markets are not doing so well but in future the markets might start doing well. In between, there was a boom in property prices and markets were doing very well. There is always an appreciation for the property brought, provided it is brought in the right locality and at the right time as well as at a good price. There are many individuals who just buy and sell properties as and when they get a good price. When the market is slack and the property prices have come down, buyers buy and retain it for some time. As soon as the prices go up, they sell it. In this way they tend to make good profits and many have become millionaires also. This is all provided the market conditions are good.

Points to be considered before selling your property:

There are various points which you need to look at before taking a decision to ‘sell my house’.
  • First and foremost while selling house, you should try to ensure that you get a good price for it.
  • Do some valuation for the property. Try to get a good value. In case of selling, wait patiently unless you find a good buyer who would be ready to give a good price.
  • It is better to consult all the family members before taking a decision to sell. Take their feelings in to consideration and seek their opinion.
  • Consider other alternatives to selling. If financial constraints are there, then selling is the resort.
  • Apart from financial constraints, you are selling for other reasons, try considering other alternatives.
  • Is renovation or repairs other alternative to make it more presentable as well as attractive
  • Whether the property can be given on rental basis in order to get good monthly revenue
  • In case of temporary financial problems, see if your property can be mortgaged.
  • Whether you are able to get a new property before selling the old one?
What are the ways to sell?

Sell my house is a situation where you are selling your house. There could be various ways as well as reasons for selling. You may sell by appointing a real estate agent. In case of appointing a real estate agent, there is commission involved. In case you wish to avoid the real estate commission, you can do the sale process privately. Through auction process also you can do the sale. There are many reasons like financial problems or migrating to another place or family problems due to which individuals are forced to take a decision to sell their property.  Sell my house could be very frustrating at times.

Posted on Friday, October 09, 2009 by Paul

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